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What is "Class A" ?

Collision Authority shops are "Class A"

Certified"Class A" is a higher level of licensing by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. It's over and above a conventional body shop license. A "Class A" certified shop is required by State mandates to provide proof of the ongoing annual training needed to keep up with the rapidly changing metallurgy and repair technologies of newly made vehicles. A "Class A" collision repair center must, by State statute, also possess the proper equipment necessary to restore a wrecked vehicle's structural integrity back to factory safety standards.

Other "Class A" requirements include:

1. Print outs for the customer showing before and after frame/unibody

2. Certified welders on staff with an inverter welder (duplicates factory type welds)

3. Paint booths with baking capabilities for factory type paintwork

4. Written Limited Lifetime Warranties mandated by the State

5. A computer assisted frame rack and wheel alignment rack on premises

Why choose just a body shop to repair your vehicle, when the safety of your family may be at stake? Choose a Nevada DMV certified "Class A" Collision Repair Center to insure your car is accurately and safely repaired. License verification can be checked at , just click on Business License Verification about halfway down their home page. Once there, one can sort the "Class A" from the rest by clicking the Class A heading on the right. This will bring all Class A licensed shops to the front page. Only a handful of shops are able to meet these standards.

Remember, in Nevada you always have the right to choose the repair shop of your choice. No one, including an insurer of motor vehicles, can force you to use a shop that you didn't choose (that's against the law in Nevada). An insurer of motor vehicles must pay all reasonable and customary charges associated with your claim for auto damages regardless of your choice of shop.

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